Saturday, March 15, 2014

The beginning of my journey - February 7-18, 2014

February is normally my favourite month of the winter. Our annual winter camping trip was coming up on February 7-9, 2014. We were eagerly getting ready, packing, planning a Hawaiian tiki party for the Jasons birthday. My neck had been a bit stiff and sore, I put a heating pad on it, thinking that I had slept funny on it. Our busy lives took back over and my sore neck was an inconvenience. The day we were leaving for our favourite camping trip with "our people" I received a call from my husband that he had been let go from his position at Eramosa Engineering. We were understandably devestated and in shock. But we pick ourselves back up, head up to the Pinery and make the best of our weekend with our wonderful friends.

An uneasiness continued in the back of my head, my neck felt tender and during yurting I had woken up covered in sweat. A strange occurrence when we are sleeping in very cold quarters. But it's easy when surrounded by our friends to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine, feeding the birds and watching our kids have so much fun.

After we returned from yurting, we had hockey, gymnastics, the stress of Jason looking for a job. One night I had a heating pad on my neck and was rubbing it and found a hard pea sized lump on the right side of my neck, there was another lump close to it that was bigger, like an olive size? I called Jason over to feel it and he definitely felt it. I didn't feel sick nor had been sick recently with a cold. I did have a terrible cold in December and was on anti-biotics for it but other than that I had been feeling fine. It's hard to define "tiredness" because our lives are constantly moving, looking back did I feel exhausted, no but definitely tired. We kept an eye on the strange lumps, I found myself touching them absent-mindedly. The lumps moved around and were tender, my neck still felt tender. The lumps didn't change in size.

I can be a bit of an anxious, worried person. Something being wrong with me is probably my greatest fear. Jason continued to reassure me and calm my worries as he always does.

I decided it was time to go to the doctor.

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