Saturday, March 29, 2014

Busy Week Ahead

Monday, March 31 I head to St Mary's Hospital for the first part of the Gallium scan. It should take around 2 hours. Then that afternoon I meet with Dr. Mark Maurice who will be the Surgeon working with Dr. Hentschel to biopsy one of my lymph nodes. I hoping that the funeral arrangements for Paul and the upcoming surgery can fit with each other so I can take care of my need for goodbye and the need to keep the forward motion with a final diagnosis. Friday, April 4, I return to St Mary's for the follow up Gallium Scan. I hope to hear of the Oncologist referral early next week as well. It will be calming for me to finally have the doctor who will be driving my ship to recovery. I can only hope that he/she will be as fantastic as Dr. Hentschel in managing my fears and communicating the needed information.

I am continuing to work on the days I don't have appointments as I feel well enough to do so and it allows me an escape. I am trying to work ahead and accomplish tasks that I know need to be completed down the road. I can't thank my colleagues and administration enough. Somehow they have all managed to embrace me while at the same time, allow me a sense of normal. Well-placed hugs and visits to my room give me the love I need while in front of the children, I am able to carry on with meeting the needs of students with such professional caring people. Thank you for the help I have received in planning Kindergarten lessons, covering a bus duty or providing a needed break throughout the day. It has not gone unnoticed. You are truly the greatest staff in the universe!

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