Friday, March 21, 2014


Once again, I need to share how incredible my experiences have been with the professionals at both St Mary's Hospital and Grand River Hospital. I received a call from a Radiology nurse at St Mary's today so that she could walk me through the procedure that I am having on Monday morning. The core needle biopsy will take samples from the mass in my chest in the mediastinum area, this is where lymph nodes are located between the hearts and lungs. After answering all my questions and reassuring me, I felt so much better about what I am facing. The results have been marked "rush" and she believes that I should have the results by the end of the week. I understand it takes one or two days for the pathologist to test the sample and you have to leave it for 48 hours etc. These things take time and I would rather that they have a conclusive diagnosis than have to go back and take another sample in order to have a firm diagnosis. So we wait again. Having these appointments, give me something to focus on to get to, another day to cross off that gets me closer to an answer and more importantly, a plan to treat this and move forward in this battle.

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