Saturday, March 15, 2014

Schoolhouse Therapy

Our decision to drive up to the Schoolhouse owned by my beloved Aunt Marilyn was probably one of the best decisions. After a very difficult tearful conversation with my children, we knew that they needed normal. Cam and Jordan are two of the most amazing, mature, strong and wise children I know. While they were devestated that something could be wrong with me, I know they are going to be just fine. The weather was not cooperating well and we faced a long snowy drive but a good distraction for all of us. Marilyn's good friends Carmen and Jack and their children were joining us and the first night a houseful of laughing, talking, good food and red wine was exactly what I needed. I had moments where I found myself thinking about where this journey may take me but I was able to enjoy the moment.

I woke the next day and it was very different. I felt overwhelmed with all the what if's, the unknowns, how is this going to impact my kids, my job and my family. There were many tears and Jason held me through it all. I brushed myself off and spend a great afternoon with Marilyn and Carmen. Marilyn is one of the strongest people I know. She is a hero to me. She has always been there for me through so many different difficult times and there to celebrate the most wonderful times with me. She looked at me over appetizers and beers at the Bruce Wine Bar in Thornbury and said "you have to be STRONG, you have to be", you are going to be. I am going to make you strong physically and mentally to get through this, that's what i am going to do." That is what I need to hear.

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