Saturday, March 15, 2014

Testing and the Canadian Women's Gold Medal win

I was able to schedule my ultrasound and chest x-ray for the following day. My amazingly supportive Vice Principal Wendy Campbell has truly been a source of strength, support and love for me. She is one of the pillars of the support system that I will begin to build around me.

I went to the clinic during the afternoon and the Women's hockey team was battling for the gold medal. Coming from a 2-0 deficit, somehow they tied the game in the last few minutes and the team was going into overtime. Here we are, strangers, gathered around the tv in the waiting area of the ultrasound imaging clinic. Time had stopped. No one was concerned about their tests. And that team of women fought back and won in overtime. What an amazing feeling. I need to bottle that fight, the belief of never giving up and facing a loss. I need to go back to that day when I look down the road at what I could be dealing with.

I had the tests done and of course you are trying to read the technicians' faces and look for any sign of whether I am ok. I was told that Dr. Takira put a STAT on the results and that they would be at her office by the next day. Let the waiting begin.

I received a call on Saturday, February 22, 2014. that the doctor's office would like to schedule a followup appointment for Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Although it is easy to say that I am going to remain positive, it is the hardest thing to actually do. I was able to immerse myself into work and teaching and our kids activities. I was taking the entire day off work not knowing the news I was about to receive. In addition, my mother-in-law Diane was also having surgery the same day as she is unfortunately on her own journey with a return of breast cancer. A heavy burden for my amazingly strong husband to be enduring. Somehow we find the strength in a specific moment of time and look back and wonder how we continued to move forward, but we do. We just do.

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