Monday, March 24, 2014

Sometimes ignorance is bliss

I am thankful that the core needle biopsy is over. They definitely say "Ignorance is bliss" well I am glad I didn't really know what I was up against before I was wheeled in. To say unpleasant and uncomfortable would be an understatement. I am thankful that there was a drape so that I did not have to witness the procedure. The radiologist was able to take 9 samples. Of those samples there were 3-4 that I was told were textbook, perfect samples. That is what we want so that the pathologist is able to do all the tests necessary to begin a diagnosis of what form of Lymphoma we are dealing with.

I once again praise the calm, caring, funny nursing staff who made my stay not only bearable but comforting. I am now at home on bed rest for the next 24 hours. I do need to stay lying down in order to let my lung heal as it is punctured when the needle biopsy goes through to sample the mass. This tiny hole repairs itself on its own but I am not supposed to bend over, carry things, lean over and must sleep on my back. There are small risks but all tests done afterward (CT scan and chest x-ray) showed that everything look fine. Even with a "rush" on the results, I am told it will be 5-7 days. But at least in my mind, I hope that the scariest part is over. I have had time to process and realize that this is happening and that I very likely, have cancer. The next part is...praying that it is a form of lymphoma that responds well to treatment and has a cure. I am not prepared to hear anything otherwise.

Until then, we so appreciate your prayers, kind words, love and support. If I don't respond to all of you, it is only because I am choosing to take care of me and my family. I know you are there. I can feel your support, holding me up and shining light down on us.

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