Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Once step closer

Tuesday,  March 18 - I had an appointment at the Grand River Cancer Centre, Diagnosis Assessment Program. Dr Hentschel is a Respirologist who works on a team and diagnoses suspected issues within the lungs and chest. Right away, I could tell that he was warm, funny, but gets things done. I felt comfortable right away. I was so impressed with how the centre made me feel welcome, explained everything and I just felt like finally I was surrounded by people who knew how I felt and what it was like to be there. Walking through those wooden doors of the Cancer Centre was a place that I had never envisioned I would be.

Dr Hentschel reviewed my tests and examined me. Unfortunately, he was able to locate more enlarged lymph nodes and realized that we needed to get things moving as it appeared that this disease was progressing quickly. He left the room and was on the phone. He made some calls and came back to tell me that he was 99% certain that I did have lymphoma and that I needed a guided CT scan needle biopsy which could be done at St Mary's. The radiologist would use a needle to obtain a biopsy of the mass that was in my chest. It would take 5 days for the results to be sent over to Dr Hentschel but he was going to speed things along and make sure that the waiting was minimal. But there was still more waiting. I was sent up for bloodword to the 4th floor and was on my way. 2 hours later.

As I left the hospital, I felt strangely calm. I was one step closer to certainty, to an answer. Then we could get a plan and treatment going. I need to hear from someone, this is what you have and we are able to treat you.

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