Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

"Good friends are like stars, you don't have to see them, to know that they are there."

There are just some people who come into your life for just the right reason and at just the right time. When we moved into our first home in 1999, we were blessed to share the wall of our cute semi-detached house with the greatest neighbours. For the next ten years, our kids grew up together, as close as siblings. 2009, even though we only moved down the street, proximity in busy lives makes for visits that are fewer and far between. It doesn't mean that I don't know that this family is in our lives. I wouldn't have made it through having two kids a year apart in age with a husband working shift work without Michele. A testament to how well she knows me is the book she brought me when she visited this week. "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer Tips" by Kris Carr. "This book is a collection of candid revelations, personal stories, resources, recipes and is an inspiring, empowering and informative tool for any woman newly diagnosed with cancer."

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, leafing through it, writing post-it notes, notes in the margins, quotes. It is funny and much like having a 200 page dialogue with a best friend who actually knows what it's like to have cancer.  Michele, thank you. Thank you for knowing me so well and bringing me words that give me hope, make me laugh and provide a different perspective for coping with my cancer diagnosis. 

Here are a few revelations and quotes I have taken away from my reading so far.

-Ask yourself "Does it tire me or inspire me?"
-Silence helps no one
-Don't try to be the "Do It All Survivor"
-Journaling is an inexpensive way to give yourself therapy
-Make time to be present in your cancer posse circle, even when it's hard. Don't drop off the face of the Earth. Show up.
-"I know I can decide if I'm going to learn something, but I can't decide what the something is"
-"You are a survivor and someone who goes the distance, this isn't about the sprint but the long haul."
-Remove these words from your vocabulary - maybe, sure, I don't know and you decide
-Ask "Am I doing what I want to be doing?"
-Give yourself permission to let people take care of you
-Put yourself first. Honour what you want to do
-Stop apologizing and saying I'm sorry (This is one I am bad for.)
-Kids need knowledge and getting answers from you is best

I look forward to a weekend of rest, relaxation, re-organization, rejuvenation and restoration. Gearing up for a busy week, ending in my 2nd chemotherapy treatment. I have several great visits and field trips planned, giving me much to look forward to. I continue to require rest and am becoming better equipped at predicting how I will respond. Thank you to my staff for the beautiful flowers that arrived Friday, brightening a dreary lonely day. I love opening the mail each day, your cards mean more than you realize such a simple gesture can be.

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