Thursday, April 10, 2014


I received a call I didn't expect to receive today. I had resigned myself to more waiting and no answers. But Dr Hentschell called this morning! Jordan took the message while I was in the shower trying to clean up my biopsy site. I called back the number that showed on call display and realized he had called from St Mary's. I spoke to his secretary and she said right away when I called, "Did he call you?" To hear her concern and recognition of my need for an answer and some comfort with good news. She paged him to let him know I was home and he called back right away. There are people who come into your life for a reason and I have to believe that Dr. Hentschell was placed before me to guide me towards this diagnosis. Realizing my need for answers, he once again came through quickly with the information I so needed to hear.

The gallium scan showed that there is no signs of cancer below my diaphragm. This finding is so important in staging the cancer and that it is not in more advanced stages. The cancer has not reached the lymph nodes in my spleen, liver, abdomen or groin. I can't tell you how relieved I am. I have been living in fear that I would learn that the cancer had spread, I never thought I would be this relieved and could not wait to share this good news with my parents and family. The pathologist also had the full report of my lymph node biopsy. The biopsy completely confirmed a diagnosis of Hodgkins Nodular Sclerosis. So despite my discomfort, the lymph node excision was worth it and gave the doctors the confirmation that they needed to hear in order to move forward.

For now, I take each day as it comes. Recover from the biopsy surgery and gain my strength and be ready to face this head on. Today I am grateful for the strength, maturity and bravery of my children. I can't begin to describe how proud I am at the resiliency Cam and Jordan have shown in the past few weeks. We have been open, honest and shared all the information with them. They have surpassed and surprised me with their strength and their willingness to take on responsibilities, show independence and quietly embrace this news. Jordan is competing at the All Star Gymnastics Challenge in Brampton today knowing that her biggest fan is cheering her on and I know that my children are my biggest supporters and source of strength in this journey.

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