Monday, September 15, 2014

Celebrating the Life of Lilian Hadsley 1920-2014

Our dear Great Aunt Lil was promoted to Glory this past weekend in her 94th year. Great Aunt Lil has been such a wonderful connection to the legacy of our Spence family. She is a gifted story-teller, having served missions overseas with the Salvation Army, it has been so inspiring to hear of her experiences and gratefulness for what life has had to offer her. Never one to shy away from opportunity and travel, I so cherish the visits and stories she shared when I was able to visit with her at Albright Manor. Often finding her at the "horse races", or yoga or bible study. She seemed to know everyone and loved introducing us to the nurses. She jokingly referred to Albright as the Taj Mahal. Knowing how fortunate she was to be able to live there comfortably and be taken care of. Aunt Lil loved to write me letters back and forth and hear about all the children's new skills, sports and academics. She loves hockey and loved watching Cam play hockey when I would bring my laptop for her to watch him in action. I smile fondly hearing her say "A bonnie lass" and a "bonny bonny boy". There have been several news articles written in Niagara and Grimsby about her travels and life. ( 

I proudly repeat them as in my eyes, she was an amazing woman, who gave her time and love to others. Rest in Peace and be promoted with Glory, Aunt Lil. You lived a full and wonderful life.

I am saddened that I will not be able to attend the Celebration of Aunt Lil's life as it takes place on the same day as my last chemotherapy treatment. I take solace in knowing that I have made the most of my opportunities to visit with Aunt Lil and that she knows how dear she is to me and how much we love her.  It is important that I stay with my chemotherapy plan and while I am upset that I will not have an opportunity to say the goodbye I would like, I will remember her in my own way.  

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