Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bucket List - Check

As some of you know, when Jason and I were married, he had the chicken pox. We spent alot of time in our beautiful room at the Couples Resort just outside of Algonquin Park. (Formerly Bear Trail Inn Resort). We were lying in bed and decided to start to write our bucket list. What did we want to do in our life together? The only paper we had was an envelope from the stationary at the resort, we unfolded the envelope and filled every square inch of the paper. We have added to the bucket list over the years, we still have the tattered envelope and take such great pleasure in checking our dreams off.

After a cancer diagnosis, bucket list items take on a whole new meaning. Life is short. Don't waste opportunities. Jason and I are so grateful that our future continues to shine bright ahead of us. I also want to take every chance to honour and recognize bucket list items of my loved ones. My mom since her retirement has grown to love the Marilyn Denis Show, I would hedge a guess that she was a CityLine fan back in the Marilyn days as well. I knew that my Mom was staying in Kitchener in February, so I took a chance and submitted a request for Marilyn Denis Show tickets. We had to write a short paragraph about why we wanted the tickets and I shared that I was recovering from cancer treatment and had been given this gift of time that I was able to take my mother to the show. And we got the tickets!!! What a treat. Quite a cool experience. We went home with a whole bag of giveaways as well! I didn't expect that at all. (Stella Dot gift card, Shoppers gift card, post-it notes, nail polish set, ballroom dancing lessons, etc!) Pretty cool! Mom and I enjoyed a nice night in Toronto, stayed at the Hyatt on King, dinner out at Fred's Not Here, lunch at Hush during TO's Winterlicious. A great two days and another bucket list item checked off for Mom!!

I also was able to get myself to our 10th anniversary of Winter Yurting. A huge accomplishment that would not be possible if not for my husband Jason, Jordan and our wonderful friends who helped me out so much. I was determined to make it. The weather was perfect, the company full of laughter, kids who are like family making forts and tobogganing. I was able to go to bed early on Saturday night and sleep knowing that I was able to reach this goal of making it winter yurting. It was only a year ago during the same weekend that I was fretting over
the lumps on my neck and waking up in night sweats. How much one's life can change in 365 days. But I'm here and I'm cancer free. Thank god.

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