Sunday, May 18, 2014

Michelle 2 Hodgkins 0

As I have said before, "you never know how strong you are until you have no other choice." The same can be said for my daughter Jordan. As she clearly shows in the scrapbook pages she created for me soon after we told her of my diagnosis. A writer like myself, she found phrases and quotes that illustrate, how we are ready for this battle and are going to win the fight.

I had an oncologist appointment on Thursday with another doctor who was covering for my own doctor. Dr. Campbell quickly showed that she is a caring, patient and knowledgeable doctor, eager to answer questions and provide me with comforting information. She examined me and was very pleased to tell me that she believes I am responding extremely well to my chemotherapy treatments. The lumps that were prolific on my neck are disappearing. One has to go hunting to find them now, after only two treatments. My response to the chemotherapy and toleration of the side effects is also very positive. I can expect that the next rounds of treatment should progress much the same as the first two. Everyone responds differently and I am not to necessarily assume that the treatments will get harder or more significant. My bloodwork is coming back just as expected and the heart monitoring tests done came back "perfect". An appointment full of hope and positivity.
I will enjoy our bonus long weekend in Southampton. Hikes, spring flowers, baltimore orioles, shopping trips in town, chinese food, relaxing times. I rejuvenate for my next chemotherapy treatment. I feel strong and ready. My picc line is bothering me a little bit, some pain near the incision site. I hope that it is routine and nothing to worry about. Tuesday, my Aunt joins me for my treatment. The first time that Jason has passed the reins on to another care-giver to support me. Thank you to the friends who have brought us meals the past few weeks, the best friends who continue to feed me muffins and soup and provide me comfort. The visit, laughs spent at Martinis, old friends who know me so well and whom I can be myself. There is nothing like spending time with those who know where you came from. As Jordan said,  I am winning the battle, we are ready for the fight, I have my biggest fans with me and we will do everything in our power to win this. Jordan, your words inspire me, so far, Michelle wins round 2, Hodgkins 0. 

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