Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Fight Song

This is my fight song Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong
I'll play my fight song
And I don't really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

Yesterday I went to the Cancer Centre for my six month check-up with a nurse practitioner Marg. I have graduated from the care of Dr Stevens my primary oncologist. I continue to anticipate these appointments with mostly comfort in knowing that I will hear that I continue to be in remission mixed with a a tiny amount of guarded worry that I don't want to be caught off guard by bloodwork results that are unexpected. I am happy to report that I continue to be in remission and am nearing that two year mark where the chance of relapse begins to diminish. I came home happy and cheerful, looking forward to a celebratory steak dinner with my family. I also arrived home to an emotional video of a fellow cancer survivor singing "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. I really can't listen to that song without tearing up. Whenever it plays I envision myself needing to play that song over and over again should I be faced with a re-occurrence of Hodgkins Lymphoma. I continue to fight the battle of anxiety and worry, and move forward everyday. I have almost completed my first full year of work in three years. I can't wait for the summer to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy my friends and family. I am grateful for the opportunities that are before us and am confident that in three years time I will be celebrating a cure!

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