Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrating the Life of Frank Low 1918-2014

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

 Jason's grandfather, Frank Low lived a long, prosperous life and passed away on June 24, 2014 at the age of 96. We have been blessed to have Great Grandpa in our lives and to share his stories from years past with our own children. We have lived with four generations of Low gentlemen and Great Grandpa has created a legacy for Cam and Jordan to remember. 

We will remember Great Grandpa for his long-winded stories of coming to Canada from England. His days of youth playing football or soccer. Always interested in sports, he enjoyed watching videos of Cam playing hockey and in recent years, loved watching soccer, baseball or hockey on his large screen tv. When prompted to spend his money on a new tv, he finally went to Owen Sound and got a nice 54 inch television to prop up on his mantel in the living room, way to go Grandpa! He could be counted on to share his life experiences running Low's Fruit Market, the trailer park, mini-putt course and other businesses he put together in the town of Sauble Beach. Interested and knowledgeable about the stock exchange, he would sit in front of the same large screen tv looking over the stock market. We appreciate his large laugh, stories of growing up, stories about "Ronnie" to share with our kids about their Grandpa. He loved Grandma's baking and loved pouring cream on any dessert, English style. One of the funniest stories about Great Grandpa is when on a visit, he asked us to go to the basement to check on his wine. He ordered home-made wine by the large pail and when Jason went down to the basement to find the pail leaking on the floor, one has never seen Grandpa move quite so quickly down to the basement to inspect the damages. Oh how we laughed! 

We will remember and cherish two gifts from Great Grandpa that he made sure to give us quite a number of years ago to remember him when he is gone, A true piece of the London Bridge that he acquired in England and a special gold coin passed down through generations of men in the Low family to be given to Cam. We will cherish and hold these pieces dear to our hearts for many years to come.

We celebrate a life long-lived today. A life full of prosperity and success. A hard-working man who provided for his family right up until the end of his days. Jason had a wonderful visit with his grandparents a few weeks ago, and Great Grandpa recognized him as "Ronny's boy", a visit Jason is grateful for. We take comfort in Cam and Jordan having the amazing opportunity to not only remember their great grandparents but hold stories and memories dear in their hearts of the legacy left behind. We take comfort in knowing that Grandpa died exactly the way he wanted to, in his own home, on his own terms. We are saddened for the loss of the head of our Low family, sympathetic for Great Grandma who is mourning the loss of her life-long love of her life. A void in her home that she will feel everyday. But we celebrate a great life and contribution to our memories and lives of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you Frank Low. We will miss you.

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